About Us

Welcome to Gym Ridz Personal Training
Armidale’s Accomplished Personal Trainer

Why is that you might ask?

I am a PT that has “Been there done that”. A few years back I was out of shape, sedentary and a fair bit overweight.

So I set about losing the fat and getting healthy. Along the way I discovered that I really loved what I was doing.

Then one day I thought “If I can do this surely I can show others how to as well!!!”
That is when I decided to become a PT.

One of my core values is empathy over sympathy. I have walked in your shoes and I know where you are coming from. That is why I understand that you may not want to necessarily take up my FREE consult offer, so if you check the other pages you will see there are some special reports that I would love you to read. They might just be the kick-start you are looking for on your healthy lifestyle journey. https://adca-org.com/store/kamagra-gel.php – buy kamagra jelly in Australia.

But whatever you choose take advantage of them NOW. As you never know what tomorrow may bring.

I look forward to guiding you on your journey.

Yours in Great Health,
Jim Ridley