Ridz Rant: Results???

Results, get the best with me, no with me, no with me. Results, we all want them, we can all get them. But what are they??? Well the definition of result from the Oxford dictionary is: noun 1. A thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or outcome Results would then be the plural of this, so more than one result. Now I know above I have stripped back all emotion and … [Read more...]

Better Than Yesterday

The title is something we live by here at Gym Ridz PT and CrossFit Armidale and I’d really like to share it with everyone. I hope you have goals, and I hope you set them to be challenging, yet achievable. Now at the same time I hope you don’t feel that they are cast in stone. Sometimes there are certain aspects of life that get in the way of our goals, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. We … [Read more...]

Here is another really fast program I better get on it!

So you see the ad, “lose 5 kgs this week!”, “12 weeks to change your body for the rest of your life!” Chants another ‘celebrity’ trainer. We have heard it all before and seen many fads come and go, but they keep coming and yes people keep trying them. It is just one of the funny things about human nature, we want to fix what has taken a long time to break, very quickly, cheaply and easily. Yes … [Read more...]

Ridz Rant: lose x amount of KGs before Christmas!

Well it looks like all those ads have started on television again. Lose 5 kgs by Christmas, lose 5 kgs THIS WEEK!! But when it all comes down to it will it work? "Oh it has a money back guarantee" I hear you say. Yes in the short term these gimmicks will work, you will definately shed some weight, but that is exactly what it is weight, not FAT! If a program claims rapid weight loss in the first … [Read more...]

Ridz Rant: I Have To Get Fit First????

I have now heard this opening line so many times, but I am wondering what it really means. After all do you change the oil in your car before you get it serviced? Do you clean your house before a house cleaner comes? Ever mowed the lawn before the lawn mower comes around? Not really thought to weed the garden before the gardener comes? So why is it that when it comes to getting fit we hear … [Read more...]

Ridz Rant: What would you really give???

With the Olympic games underway I got to thinking about the above question. The athletes at those games have to wait 4 years for their chosen event to come around, and we have not seen all the lead up and prep work that has gone into getting them onto the world stage. Only this month the CrossFit Games were run and won as well. Over coming months there will be bodybuilding comps on and … [Read more...]

Ridz Rant: Who are your heroes and what is it like to meet them?

This is a bit of a phenomenon that I have come across in my life. We all have someone in our life we aspire to be like, look like or someone that we admire what they have accomplished and stand in awe. The whole time thinking "wow I could not do that." But from what I have seen and what I have experienced myself is so much more than that. When we meet a mentor/hero/role model it is sometimes … [Read more...]

Ridz Rant: How Do I Know What Info Is Correct When It Comes To Nutrition???

This is a question that we get here regularly at Gym Ridz Personal Training and it is one really prickly topic. There is so much anecdotal evidence out there as to the right way to eat or the wrong. We know that the Okinawans outlive most of us and have few issues with heart disease and obesity. But we here stories of soy not being the greatest for us, and yet the Okinawans eat plenty of it. … [Read more...]

Nutrition, the cornerstone to your success!

We have always wanted to offer you our clients the full service. And until now we have been able to get almost there. But you all know me and almost is just not good enough! So we have added a full nutrition service to the PT, semi private training and bootcamp services we already offer. Now if you need more help with your eating, we’re here to help you, with body composition analysis … [Read more...]

Recent article on Armidale PUC

Here is the most recent write up for PUC I am still blown away by everyone's efforts and contributions. … [Read more...]