Better Than Yesterday

The title is something we live by here at Gym Ridz PT and CrossFit Armidale and I’d really like to share it with everyone.Better_Than_Yesterday

I hope you have goals, and I hope you set them to be challenging, yet achievable. Now at the same time I hope you don’t feel that they are cast in stone. Sometimes there are certain aspects of life that get in the way of our goals, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. We need to reassess and reset at those times. What we really need to do is put it all in perspective.

Are you better than yesterday? Now maybe you missed a workout because of your kids sports commitments, or you had to finish off an important project at work that will help the company no end, then you are probably better than yesterday. You see it isn’t just about being fit and healthy in your body, but in your mind as well. So if you did those things to better your family or work life, well then you are better than yesterday.

You see the path to achieving any goal and really being happy in ourselves is a series of really small steps. So if each and every day you are taking positive steps towards all of your life goals you can safely day that you are better than yesterday. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to outperform yourself every day, but if you have put in every bit of effort that you possibly could, that’s all you can do.

You need to make sure your goals are accessible every day. Know what they are. Is what you are doing congruent with what your goals are? For example, if you want to lose 10 kgs and you think that at lunch you will have the light salad option so you can share the cake for dessert, do you think that is congruent with the goal? I would say no, and that you may either want to rethink your goal or you determination to achieve it.

You see being fit and healthy is not just about belting yourself in the gym or running around the park, it is about being able to enjoy that fitness where is matters, in your everyday life. You see I stay fit and healthy for my family, I have made a commitment to them that I want to be around them as long as I possibly can in the best possible shape. They are my core reason for doing what I do. You need to find that core reason or value to maintain your motivation. Without that reason, it becomes a tough slog.

You see each and every day you just have to make yourself better than yesterday. When you take those little steps that we use here in the gym and apply them to all aspects of your life you will start to find that everything is just the little bit better. Family, friendships, work and even leisure time become so much more enjoyable when you apply the simple ethos that you are going to be better than yesterday.

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