It feels really good to say I am a fit and healthy person!

Anne Maree has now lost over 10 kg!! And she is keeping it off! When I started training with Gym Ridz in September 2009, I weighed 85.4kgs and was extremely unfit. I had tried all kinds of fad diets which had left me disillusioned and feeling like I was destined to be fat. I rarely exercised and ate a lot of carbohydrate heavy meals which left me constantly tired and without energy.I … [Read more...]

“I was hitting goals I’d never even dreamed of setting!”

Juls lost an incredible 16cm from her waistline and dropped over 5kg in 12 weeks. There’s a difference between a quick fix and a long-term solution. Unfortunately for me, I always seemed to be going to the quick fix solution that only lead to even more weight gain at the end of it. After years of yo-yo dieting that put Oprah to shame, I finally found something more … [Read more...]

Before and after winning the Ironman Magazine BodyBlitz competition

Gym Ridz founder Jim Ridley before and after winning the Ironman Magazine BodyBlitz competition. … [Read more...]