Pushups For Charity event

Well everyone the event is set down for Saturday 27th November.

We will kick off at 10:32 am and get into it.

It will be in the NEGS MPC.

You will all have to get busy getting sponsors and practicing pushups. But I know you can all do it.

You should know that absolutely every cent rasied by the 50 or so fitness business owners will go to Make a Wish Australia. This event is such a worthy cause.

That is pretty well why I got involved. Each day I look at Georgia and I know that anything I can do for a kids charity through the business is worthwhile.

So get onto the website www.pushupsforcharityarmidale.com.au and get involved.

Tell all your family and friends as well. I would love to raise $5000.00 and put some of the city businesses to shame. So c’mon the country crew. 😉

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