Should I start now????

My question to you would be why shouldn’t you start now?

An exercise program has no perfect start date and it by no means should have an end date, it should become part of your lifestyle.

Now I know it is cold outside at the moment, it is dark til later in the morning, it is dark earlier in the afternoon.

But think about this; by the end of this month there will be a half hour more daylight than at the beginning. It is only 7 weeks until spring begins, yep it is that close. Now if you had grand plans of having your best body ever by summer time this year, well time is running out.

If you wait until the days are longer, the evenings warmer, cricket season starts, well you will be too late.

I see people every day make it out and get some form of exercise in at this time of year, and yes I do hear the odd gripe about it being too cold, some mornings I really wonder what I am doing myself! But I know and they know that getting in even a half hour of exercise each day is going to give them such a leg up going into the spring time.

Something you will notice is that if you get in and get a good session in the cold and dark will be less of an issue. Exercise speeds up your metabolism, this in turn leads to you feeling warmer. So really it is a great idea to get out there and get moving to stave off the winter blues.

Now you might want to get started but you don’t know where to start. The first thing you need to do is get some help. No, no I don’t mean it in that way. Enlist a friend or relative to be your “accountability buddy”. They will be there when you thought you wanted to stay in bed for another 10 mins, or decided to duck in to the pub on your way home. If you know someone is waiting for you and relying on you you will be more inclined to stick with your program.

If you cast your mind back a few weeks you will recall that the question was how long til I see a difference? And the answer to that was at least 12 weeks to get really awesome results that will make your friends go WOW. SO looking at the calendar 12 weeks is the 5th October. Think for a second when that is. It is straight after the long weekend. It is in daylight saving time and bang in the middle of spring.

If you are thinking “I will start tomorrow/next week/ August” well then you are getting to the point that you will be still struggling to get where you want to be by Christmas.

So what I am saying is give yourself a Christmas present NOW.

Get out there, use the gym membership that has been sitting there idle, grab a mate or family member and go for a run/walk, talk to your PT about getting you ready for hitting the beach come holiday time, but most of all do something. There are so many options to get out there and do anything, and guess what?

The right time to do something about getting that best body ever is right NOW!

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